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enantiomeric (chemistry): optically active

web design, software and media development agency,
located in, but not limited to corsicana, texas.

site last updated: 11/16/2015.

services include:
custom webdesign, website optimization and repair, e-commerce projects and integration, content management systems, web oriented programming (flash/actionscript, php, java, java script, css, html), database layout and programming, graphic design (web layout, logos, corporate design/identity), panoramic photography and virtual tours/360-degree quicktime media development, web video development and integration, hdr photography and imaging, print (brochures, business cards, flyers etc.), counseling in all matters web design, web hosting, online marketing and advertisement.

and more ...

work environment:
lamp and wamp

software used:
adobe creative suite 4 product line (complete), various applications and tools for seo and site optimization, microsoft windows office, 3d vista (panostitcher, virtual tours). fdr tools (hdr imaging). various tools for video and audio editing.

equipment used:
up-to-date computer hardware and mobile devices, hd video and digital slr camera, color laser for everyday printing, epson stylus photo r1900 inkjet for oversized printing (up to 13''x19'' and larger banners),

our take on webdesign and programming:
we intend to give to our clients exactly what they need, no more and no less, at a fair price. as all services we offer, our pricing is individual and will fit just about every budget. we don't use templates for layouts but design individually and tailor-made for a specific client. we also believe in custom/hand-coding (vs. using wysiwyg editors to create the code) for producing clean, efficient website code. this approach enables us to meet almost every custom request a client may come up with. while our services are flexible, our bids and pricing are fixed once set and agreed upon, so that later there are no bad surprises through an "upgrade" that only refers to the pricing but not to the extent of the services rendered. in many instances, we don't expect upfront payment for services. payments are usually due upon completion of a project, and we are able to offer to our clients the option to pay the amount due in several monthly installments without interest or additional fees.

request info at:
info@enantiomeric.com or
phone: (903) 641-5747
fax: (903) 875-0556

current projects:

  • century rehabilitation, complete newdesign of website. http://www.centuryrehab.com/
    Project has been completed and launched as of July 2009
  • saint johns church (episcopal church), complete newdesign of website. http://www.stjohnscorsicana.com/.
    project is close to completion, new website is already live with a few final modifications needing to be done.
  • country club retirement community. complete website development, cd/ci/logo development, 360-photography, video, brochure/flyer development. http://www.ccrcwhitney.com/
    project is close to completion, new website is already live, more content will be added in the upcoming 1 - 2 weeks.
  • actors in ads. complete website development, cd/ci/logo development, client database and administration, payment processing. http://www.actorsinads.com/
    project is under intense development. expected launch mid november 2009
  • tricia's treasures online. complete website development. http://www.waxahachiegifts.com/.
    project development has begun.
  • duramar-venus. complete work-over of website http://www.duramarvenus.com/.
    project is in early stages of development.
  • ecclesia healthcare nursing home facilities. complete work-over of 2 existing facility websites http://www.parkplazanursinghome.com/ and http://www.azaleatrailnursinghome.com/.
    project is in early stages of development.
  • son flower tea house. complete website development, brochure/flyer development. http://www.sonflowerteahouse.com/
    Status of project: on hold.
  • admiral tools. complete website development.
    project currently on hold, no domain name set yet
  • rehab tools/equipment online store..
    project development has begun, no definite domain name set yet.
  • online-based recruiting and hr software application
    project currently on hold.
  • administration, tracking and billing application for rehab companies/personnel
    project is live and functional, additions and improvements are made in frequent intervals.

projects and references:

corsicana chamber of commerce website update february/march 2009; continuous work with chamber executive director paul hooper to improve performance and usefulness of corsicana chamber of commerce website for our community and county.

relaunch barstow pro rodeo website (complete code workover, update to recent version of oscommerce system, more custom site features added, setup with various analytical tools) completed april 2009.

http://www.parkplazanursinghome.com/, http://www.azaleatrailnursinghome.com/
formerly pyramid healthcare, now separate ltc facilities. web site was launched in spring 2003 including a corporate web site and 14 semi-independent facility web sites (own subdomains). originally developed as frame set, the site was relaunched in 2005 with identical layout as no-frames web site. backbone of the web site is a php/mysql based content management system. the site has also a few flash elements.

developed in 2003/2004, the site has several flash elements and a php/mysql based content management system. the site was updated in 2006, another update was completed in 2008, and a large-scale site overhaul with code modernization is scheduled for spring 2009. this project is currently under development.

developed between late 2003 and summer 2004, this site has very graphics oriented layout that was at first developed as frame set. in 2006 the site was relaunched with slightly reduced graphics to accomodate a no-frames site. the site has several flash elements and a php/mysql based content management system.

developed in summer 2006, launched only a few weeks later.

habitat for humanity (navarro county). workover and enhancement of content and design. the habitat website was launched in fall 2008, we are currently working on completing the content and getting it ready for the annual habitat meeting on february 12, 2009. enantiomeric is hosting and developing this site pro bono. website is updated and modified frequently.

star nc (success through active role-modelling navarro county). the star nc website was launched in summer 2008, a smaller update was done in january 2009, andother small update is due in may 2009.

mini-west storage, corsicana. the mws website was launched in december 2008, with one site section (an interactive flash facility map) still pending.

an internet forum for corsicana and navarro county, started in april 2006. the forum is based on a phpbb bulletin board system, but was modified in layout, functionality, with custom features having been added. this project is being currently developed.

informal web site for our content management system "cms up". unfortunately, the site is not very informative yet as it lacks the content. the content management system is php/mysql based with its main advantage being that it is very easy to use. it includes several different modules that can be installed separate from each other. the basic module is for articles, other modules cover photo galleries, calendars, newsletters, guestbooks, web site statistics, and user administration (login areas). the system was developed from scratch as joint project of "enantiomeric" and "bernhard unger online services". currently stable version number of the system is 1.82-29 from april 2006, and it is continuously developed further. it is installed and in use on more than 100 different web sites and online projects, for example also as backbone for a cold fusion project in germany.

our personal homepage (mostly ruthie's/wyer's). started in 1998 (!). the site has gone through several design changes and relaunches, and is currently doing that again. so right now not all sections are available, and some things might not work as they are supposed to. i am updating and adding sections as i find the time to do it. note: Wyer's World is currently down due to redesign/planned relaunch in 2009

a flash project, originally developed for our online design classes. its core is an interactive body model that enables the user to click on different trigger points to see what their function is in acupressure.

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